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Most Popular Aromatherapy Blends

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I'm a fully qualified Aromatherapist and I can make you a powerful home treatment to help you sleep better, reduce anxiety, destress and more.

These blends are suitable for adults only, they are safe for all to use including pregnant women, people taking medication, etc. There are no contraindications. If you require a blend for a child please add a note to your cart.

Your chosen blend will contain 100% natural, organic (where available) and sustainably produced ingredients.

Find the best blends for you

  • After Sun Skin Care: Restore the skins moisture and repair damage done by overexposure to the sun
  • Allergy Relief: Ideal for common skin allergies
  • Assistance in Labour: Inhale deeply on each contraction
  • Awake: When you need that energy boost and focus, a great study buddy too
  • Calm: Relax, calm the nervous system, ease anxiety, destress
  • Destress: Rejuvenate your spirit and clear your mind, ease the tension from a stressed body and mind
  • Detox & Cleanse: Ideal when body and mind are tired from overdoing
  • Emotional Wellbeing: Ideal for emotional heartbreak and emotional trauma
  • Hayfever Relief: Pocket relief for inhalation
  • Headache Remedy: Stimulate and clear the mind, clear headaches caused by tension and over thinking
  • Hormonal Balance (Menopause): Balance the many different effects of menopause
  • Hormonal Balance (Reproductive Years): Balance the effects of PMT and painful periods
  • Immune Support: Support a healthy immune function and fighting infection
  • Pain Remedy: Ease acute pain and inflammation in your body
  • Relax & Uplift: Relax, calm the nervous system and uplift the body and spirit
  • Respiratory: Strengthen and clear the lungs, help clear phlegm and soften a cough
  • Restore & Renew: Supports a body that is exhausted from “doing”, supports the adrenals, and restores balance
  • Sinus Remedy: Clear sinus headaches and congestion
  • Sleep: Unwind body and mind for a restful sleep, aid deep relaxing sleep to aid the body to heal and repair
  • Sooth Sore & Still Joints: Ease the pain and inflammation from stiff and sore joints whether it is caused by arthritis, inactivity, over activity or tension
  • Muscle Care: Ease the tension from tight, sore and overworked muscles, help injured muscles to heal and to ease the pain from contracted muscles
  • Stretch Marks & Scars: Help heal and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and rapid growth during puberty, helps heal old scars

 If you would like a custom blend, click here.