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I specialise in helping people sleep better, destress and rebalance their body through holistic therapy. Different therapies resonate with different people so I tailor each treatment to meet each individual's need, leaving you relaxed, calm and rejuvenated.

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This treatment combines all the health benefits of Aromatherapy and Reflexology. A blend of essential oils, selected following your consultation will be massaged into the key reflexes of the feet to induce relaxation, de-tox and sleep.

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Reiki is a hands on energy treatment which is deeply relaxing and helps clear energy blockages from the 7 main chakras. Performed fully clothed in a warm comfortable setting. A one hour Reiki treatment has the same effect on the body as 4 hours sleep.  

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Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi Ear Candling is deeply relaxing and is excellent for the treatment of tinnitus, headaches or sinus problems. Also, excellent for overthinkers. Usually combined with reflexology for a full head to toe treatment.

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Everyone needs some reiki in their life. Reiki with Laura has been one of the most beneficial treatments that I've decided to try. I'm relatively new to the process, but I felt balanced and content at the end of each of my sessions. Would strongly recommend for everyone to try this treatment even once, even the sceptics!

Ciara Brock

I went for a treatment in January with Laura, I was studying for exams and was super stressed. I wasn't sure which treatment I wanted and Laura explained what was involved with each treatment. I decided to go with the reflexology. I couldn't believe how well the treatment worked. Laura worked on my feet and told me which parts of the body that corresponded with. I went in with shoulder pain due to stress and when I left the pain was completely gone, and she didn't even touch my shoulders! I would genuinely recommend everyone to try some reflexology with Laura and I can't wait to get some more!

Justine Halpin

I have had the pleasure of numerous treatments with Laura for Reiki, Reflexology and Aromatherapy and highly recommend her! Her warm and friendly manner is so inviting and she intuitively knows what you need and how to help, not only during the session but also in her aftercare. Her gentle approach and genuine regard for her clients is evident at all times. Laura is very gifted! I look forward to many more sessions with her.

Shauna Coyle

I decided to pamper myself so I booked in for aromatherapy reflexology with Laura. I had a fabulous treatment and would recommend everyone should try this treatment, it's given me a new lease of life.

Denise Northridge

Highly recommend Laura - after 1 hour of reflexology I felt like I'd had 8 hours sleep and floated out of the appointment.

Stephanie Bell

I've gone for a number of Reiki treatments with Laura and I have found these treatments so beneficial both physically and mentally and I will definitely be booking again. I've also had Hopi Ear Candling! Highly recommend!

Veronica Hand